We spend so much time looking around us, worrying about what others think and comparing ourselves to others. We judge, we fear, we over think things and then wonder why our mind keeps wondering and can't stay still or why we don't feel rested, even suffer from insomnia and anxiety. The mind needs a solid rest. It is not an apple mac which would jut switch off when out of battery. It will give you symptoms and reading these symptoms correctly and taking them into consideration would help you prevent more serious illnesses. The body, just like the mind needs to restore itself...daily! Different people have different ways to regain energy and to balance out work as rest. However, this balance is very, very important. Here I speak from my own personal experience, from observations and from quite a lot of reading I have been doing recently.
I think people in busy metropolitan cities like London often forget how busy their everyday lives are, how little depends on us and how precious happiness is. Happiness is in the small things. When I came to London five years ago I didn’t feel as overwhelmed as I do now. My first few years I learned to be polite (the English way), to agree with others, to respect, care, value their opinion. The past year or so I learnt the word fuck-them-all! It is one word, something I takeevery morning (think of it as herbal tea). I learnt to firstly and most importantly agree with myself, care about myself, value my own opinion. Be good to yourself, respect yourself, value yourself and the world would do the same! And don’t forget to take your daily dose of fuck-them-all! Nothing wrong with it,works wonders, I promise!

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