Selfridges - the Ultimate Denim Destination

Pop Champagne made the jeans shopping less stressful
Why is it that most of us can never have enough pairs of jeans? It is worse than shoes! Season after season, year after year, the denim fashion changes while the different styles remain the same: skinny, high-wasted, flared, old-looking and so on. Not to mention the trendy jeggings, for which I have to admit, I have mixed feelings. And in most cases when we come across a flattering pair of jeans we are likely to stick to it until eventually it is being discontinued (I know, the worst feeling ever).
Today Selfridges, and more precisely the fashion blogger and writer Kiki Georgiou offered style advice and consultation at the new denim department on the third floor. When it comes to finding this perfect, life long pair of jeans, the dilemma is inevitable. The department store, however, found a solution to the jeans drama- the expertise advice of bloggers as well as consultants, who would be happy to guide your choice among the hell of a lot of brands and styles that are available. Selfridges is definitely the new denim heaven!

My old trusted pair of jeans from Sportmax

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