Charlotte Dellal talks about the success of her brand Charlotte Olympia and her plans for the future

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to have a quick chat with the shoe designer and socialite Charlotte Dellal. Dellal, whose brand Charlotte Olympia opened last year a flagship store on Maddox Street in London, was kind enough to tell me more about her shoe passion and design inspirations before she had to rush to some of the shows at Fashion Week (she also designs footwear for some of the other young British talents). On my suggestion that Dellal sketches her towering heels with her glamorous celebrity friends in mind, she simply smiled and replied that when she starts creating a model she thinks of herself and her mother. Charlotte Olympia, which is available all over Europe, as well as Japan, the Middle East and America, is soon going to include clutches and hosiery. The designer explained that it’s the total look that she is after. One could see this from her own image, which is always immaculate and brilliantly accessorised.

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